Welcome to the first batch of our Startup Program 

Welcome to InnoQube Switzerland, where innovation thrives amid the stunning Alps! We’re not just a hub. At InnoQube Switzerland we encourage creativity, teamwork, and entrepreneurial drive. Whether you’re a company, a Startup, or an investor, we invite you to be part of shaping tomorrow’s innovations with us.

Published on Jun. 05, 2024
by Lisa Niggli

Unleashing the power 
We’re thrilled with excitement as we proudly launch our first Startup program, offering expertise and opportunities to entrepreneurs from all over the world. Our program was off to a great start, with two thrilling weeks of learning and adventures. Looking back on our Startups progress, we’re proud and excited for what’s to come.

From over 150 applicants worldwide, we’ve handpicked 19 Startups for our 2-month program. These were founded in various parts of the world, including Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Italy, France, Finland, and the UAE. Each Startup brings a unique perspective and innovative solution to the table. Notably, we have 9 emerging companies from Switzerland, and 4 of the selected Startups are woman-founded or co-founded.

Reflecting on two weeks of growth and exploration
In the first two weeks of our program, we’ve witnessed incredible growth and excitement among our young companies. During the first week, we were privileged to host experienced experts, including many from Silicon Valley and various parts of Europa, who shared invaluable insights on topics ranging from team building to international expansion. Alongside learning, we also enjoyed fun adventures like snowshoeing and exploring the Hagerbach Test Gallery, fostering team bonding and broadening perspectives. By the end of the second week, our Startups had already made remarkable progress. They learned from top-notch industry leaders and embarked on unforgettable experiences like exploring the Tamina Gorge. Armed with new knowledge and insights, they’re ready to tackle the challenges ahead. But the journey doesn’t end here – next week, they’ll reunite for another round of intensive sessions leading up to the highly anticipated demo day on June 19.

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