Silicon Valley in the Alps: InnoQube Switzerland is transforming the Swiss innovation landscape

The Swiss Alps, best known for their natural beauty, are being transformed into a vibrant centre for innovation and venture capital with InnoQube Switzerland. The centre brings the spirit of Silicon Valley to the picturesque Alps and aims to promote start-ups, accelerate corporate innovation and connect global investors.

InnoQube Switzerland is more than a conventional innovation centre; it is a visionary ecosystem that aims to promote local talent and develop international innovations. The mission is clear: “Think Global, Act Local”. InnoQube Switzerland empowers entrepreneurs to develop ideas that can reach a global audience while remaining rooted in their regional identity.

Globally connected, locally anchored
InnoQube Switzerland uses a worldwide network of innovation hubs, including renowned ecosystems such as Silicon Valley, Delhi, Dubai and Berlin. These strategic partnerships facilitate global collaboration between start-ups, companies and investors and make InnoQube Switzerland a unique and globally influential innovation hub.

By focusing on key industries that correspond to the particular strengths of the Alpine region, such as GovernmentTech, HospitalityTech, AgriTech, SportsTech, FoodTech, CleanTech, HealthTech, SupplyChainTech and ConstructionTech, the innovation potential of the region is optimally utilised and exploited.

Innovation support for start-ups and Corporates
The 12-week start-up programme supports early-stage start-ups from Switzerland and abroad. A unique feature of the programme is the participation of experts from renowned innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley or Delhi, who share their valuable knowledge and extensive experience through mentoring. At the same time, the corporate programme focuses on providing companies with practical support in their innovation work. By working directly with companies, specific challenges are identified and appropriate start-up solutions found. This is particularly beneficial for SMEs, which often have limited resources for innovation. In addition, employee training is provided in key areas to strengthen skills within the companies.

Alex Fries: A Swiss innovator on the world stage in Silicon Valley
The Innovation Hub’s CEO, Alex Fries, is a Davos native. He is a visionary leader with 23 years of entrepreneurial and venture capital experience in Silicon Valley. His mission is to bridge the gap between the innovative power of Silicon Valley and the Swiss obsession with quality and precision. With his extensive experience, he is predestined to lead InnoQube Switzerland to the success of innovation and excellence.

“InnoQube Switzerland is a game changer in the innovation landscape, combining the best of Silicon Valley with Swiss excellence. Our mission is to enable start-ups and companies to achieve global success while preserving their regional identity”, says Alex Fries, CEO of InnoQube Switzerland.

Contact information
Alex Fries
CEO InnoQube Switzerland

About InnoQube Switzerland
Based in Chur, InnoQube Switzerland is the leading innovation centre in the Alps. With a clear mission to accelerate the growth of start-ups, foster corporate innovation and build a bridge to global investors, InnoQube Switzerland is a place where ideas and ambition find fertile ground. InnoQube Switzerland opens its doors on April 1, 2024.

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