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Join our Startup Program at InnoQube and ignite your early-stage startup's growth. With powerful partnerships, a global mindset, and expert guidance, our program empowers entrepreneurs to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Propel your startup towards unprecedented success.

At InnoQube, we are committed to nurturing and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs through our Startup Program

Designed to fast-track the growth of early-stage startups, our intensive 3 months program provides the resources, guidance, and network needed to transform your business into a thriving success story.

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Program Overview

icon Success Accelerator

Experience a unique opportunity to accelerate your startup's growth and unlock new heights of success.

icon Stringent Selection

Our Startup Program runs in two batches of 3 months per year, offering carefully selected companies the chance to participate.

icon Holistic Growth

Through a combination of modules, workshops, mentorship, and a global Demo Day, we provide a comprehensive framework for your startup's development.

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Powerful Partnerships for Growth

Access powerful partnerships that fuel your startup's growth. Connect with experts, service providers, and strategic corporates from around the world.

InnoQube has established partnerships with global corporations and incubators in Europe, UAE, India and Silicon Valley to showcase your innovation, while our investment partners, including Venture Funds and Family Offices, are eager to explore your potential.

Join our network and unleash the potential of these powerful partnerships today.

Our Partners

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*We are working on getting additional Partners

Think Global, Act Local

In addition to our network of local partners, where you can collaborate, test and enhance your products, we have established connections with incubators in prominent startup hubs such as Berlin, UAE, India, and Silicon Valley.

Depending on your startup's vertical, you may have the opportunity to choose an incubator that aligns with your specific needs, expanding your market reach and global exposure.


Hybrid and In-person Experience

We believe in the power of human connection and collaboration. Our program offers a hybrid experience, combining online sessions with in-person interactions. While remote participation provides flexibility, we recognize the value of face-to-face engagement. Therefore, select sessions will be conducted in person to foster meaningful connections, mentorship, and networking opportunities


Global Call for Action

Embrace a global mindset as we extend our call for action worldwide. We invite entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and industries to be part of our transformative program. At InnoQube, we foster a rich ecosystem where ideas converge, cross-pollinate, and push the boundaries of innovation.


Experts and Service Providers

icon Access a pool of seasoned experts, executives in residence, and service providers who are dedicated to your startup's success.

icon These industry professionals bring expertise across various disciplines, offering guidance in marketing, finance, technology, operations, and more. Benefit from their knowledge and experience to navigate challenges, refine your strategies, and accelerate your startup's growth trajectory.

Our Experts

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Joël Capt linkedin
Growth Hacking
Corsin Blumenthal linkedin
Intellectual Property
Thierry Barbey linkedin
Kyle Duffy linkedin
Gian Gilli linkedin
Sports Management
Kris Paasila linkedin
Digitalization expert
Rene Zellweger linkedin
Alex Fries linkedin
Venture Capital
Alex Villiger linkedin
Human Resources
Tony Brechbühl linkedin
Camran Macci linkedin
Startup Strategy
Stew Langille linkedin
Product Management
Ashutosh Singh linkedin
India Expert

*We are working on getting additional Experts

Join our Startup Program at InnoQube and embark on a transformational journey that shapes the future of your business.

Apply now and become part of an ecosystem that thrives on innovation, collaboration, and limitless possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets the InnoQube Startup Program apart from others?

At InnoQube, our Startup Program stands out for its comprehensive approach to startup development. We provide a combination of modules, workshops, mentorship, and a global Demo Day, offering a unique opportunity for startups to accelerate their growth and unlock new heights of success. Our program focuses not only on business fundamentals but also on market entry strategies, scaling and expansion, investor presentations, funding strategies, and even considerations for mergers and acquisitions.

How often is the program conducted?

The InnoQube Startup Program is conducted twice a year, with batches starting in the spring and fall. Our program is highly selective, and applications are only open for the upcoming batch. We carefully review and choose a limited number of startups that demonstrate exceptional potential and align with our program's focus areas.

What support and resources are available to startups during the program?

During the program, startups have access to a range of resources and support. This includes mentorship from experienced industry professionals, workshops and training sessions on various topics, networking opportunities with investors and potential partners, and access to our global innovation ecosystem. We also provide office space, meeting rooms, and other facilities to foster collaboration and growth.

Can I have another job while participating in the program?

To fully benefit from the program and maximize your chances of success, it is not allowed to work another job while participating in the InnoQube Startup Program. The program demands focused attention, active involvement, and commitment, making it challenging to balance with additional work commitments.

Where does the program take place?

All events of the program take place on-site in Chur, the vibrant hub of innovation in the heart of the Alps. We provide a cutting-edge facility that fosters collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing among participants.

How much does the program cost?

We offer an investment for equity model, where we invest in selected startups in exchange for an equity stake. The specific terms and conditions will be discussed and agreed upon during the selection process.

What is expected of me during the program?

If accepted into the program, we expect your active participation and commitment to the program's requirements. This includes attending at least 80% of all acceleration days, with the kick-off and demo day being mandatory for all participants. Additionally, we expect you to meet the specified deadlines, actively engage in workshops and mentorship sessions, and take full advantage of the resources and opportunities provided. Demonstrating dedication and actively working towards achieving your startup's goals is essential for a successful journey within our program. We reserve the right to exclude participants who fail to meet our expectations from the program.

Are there any specific criteria or requirements for startups to be eligible for the program?

To be eligible for the InnoQube Startup Program, we are primarily looking for early-stage startups (up to A round of financing) that are seeking accelerated growth and support. Our vertical focus includes HealthTech, FoodTech, SportsTech, Agritech, HospitalityTech, SupplyChainTech, EnergyTech, ClimateTech, and ConstructionTech. We seek innovative entrepreneurs with a strong drive for success and committed founders who are building scalable and impactful businesses. Additionally, we value openness to collaboration and active program participation, as well as a global mindset for potential international expansion.

What if the solution I'm building involves a blockchain component?

By collaborating with InnoQube's partner, Suisse Blockchain (www.suisseblockchain.io), your project can gain a multitude of advantages. They offer regulatory support, ensuring compliance with complex blockchain laws. Their developmental assistance caters to your technical requirements, including smart contract development and network infrastructure. You can benefit from their marketing guidance to cultivate your user community, while their accelerator program provides funding, mentorship, and exposure to investors. With their physical presence in the InnoQube ecosystem, in-person collaboration fosters effective problem-solving and brainstorming.

This program is for eligible startups, spin-offs, and idea generators.


Vertical focus: HealthTech, FoodTech, SportsTech, Agritech, HospitalityTech, SupplyChainTech, EnergyTech, ClimateTech, ConstructionTech


Early-stage (up to A round of financing) startups seeking accelerated growth and support


Innovative entrepreneurs with a strong drive for success


Committed founders building scalable and impactful businesses


Openness to collaboration and active program participation


Global mindset for potential international expansion

Current Batch

The 2023 program is currently in progress

Next Batch

The 2024 program is currently in progress

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