Maren Lesche

Member of the Board of Directors

As the driving force behind Startup Colors, Maren brings over half a decade of unparalleled expertise in spearheading an innovation-centric agency. Dedicated to offering a diverse portfolio of services, from innovation strategy crafting and intrapreneurship program ideation to startup consulting and tailored matchmaking, Maren has sculpted a niche in IoT and healthcare domains. Her collaboration portfolio boasts esteemed names such as the European Commission, Vision Health Pioneers Incubator, Applied Data Incubator, Vitronic, and IntellIoT.

Maren’s fervor extends beyond the realms of business, manifesting in a profound desire to bridge and bolster innovators, entrepreneurial spirits, and ecosystem architects on a global scale. Besides helming Startup Colors, Maren wears multiple hats with pride: Founder and Program Director of a healthcare-centric startup incubator, a guiding mentor across various accelerator platforms, a revered guest lecturer in the eHealth master program, and an influential voice on the advisory boards of SXSW and TalkItt. As a seasoned speaker and writer, Maren delves deep into the intricacies of innovation, the nuances of digital transformation, and the essence of entrepreneurship. Her overarching vision remains unwavering: to galvanize, enlighten, and pave the way for innovative endeavors that resonate with positive societal transformations.