Andi Zindel

Founder & VP of the Board of Directors

As a co-founder of InnoQube Switzerland, my utmost concern has always been to provide a platform for our young entrepreneurs, where they can channel their ideas, bring them to life, and make a meaningful impact in Graubünden.


Andi Zindel is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in shaping and developing Zindel United, a family business founded in 1808. Throughout his career, Andi has been actively involved in various aspects of company management, gaining a deep understanding of goal-oriented business practices. His journey began with an apprenticeship as a bricklayer and continued with further education at technical colleges, complemented by extensive military and civilian business experience.

Andi Zindel’s expertise extends beyond the family business. He has served on several boards, contributing his strategic insights and entrepreneurial acumen to diverse organizations. Notably, Andi Zindel spent 12 years at SECO, where he utilized his entrepreneurial experience to streamline processes and reduce bureaucracy.

While Andi Zindel has transitioned operational responsibilities to the 8th generation, led by Andreas Zindel, he remains actively involved in the strategic aspects of the Zindel United group of companies. His continued engagement ensures the application of his wealth of knowledge and expertise in driving the company forward.